Daimler integrates future Smart ED models into EQ family


All electric Smart models will belong to Mercedes’ dedicated EV label EQ from now on. This “Smart EQ” era will be marked in Geneva with the Nightsky edition painted in black with blue EQ touches. Real innovation such as the on board charger is postponed meanwhile.

All electric models of Daimler will bear the EQ label in the future and its subsidiary Smart will make no exception. In Geneva, the change will be indicated with said Nightskyedition for which the black lacquer is accented with EQ blue parts. In fact, this positions Smart at the forefront of Mercedes’ EQ family. The first Daimler model under the label won’t be here until next year and the EQC is still winter testing at the moment (we reported).

The 22 kW on board charger for the electric Smart however, that had been announced for March, won’t still not materialise, at least not at the Motor Show. Instead it has been pushed to May and will cost an extra 840 euros. Smart describes it as a “fast charging” option. Note though that it is not “DC fast-charging” as it is commonly understood but instead a more powerful onboard charger for level 2 charging rather.

Also the Smart app EQ Control will only arrive by mid-2018.

One option though has become available immediately, at least to order. The Smart app now enables private car sharing. Drivers interested to rent their car to their peers can request the hardware as a “ready to” package. The option includes all Fortwo and Forfour including the electric models in Germany, Italy and France. The first vehicles to be fitted with this equipment will reach the showrooms in June, following successful trials in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne/Bonn, Munich, and Frankfurt.

With regards to car sharing, just days ago, Daimler acquired 100 percent owenership of its car2go offer as the firm seeks to turn into a mobility service provider, possibly in allegiance with BMW’s DriveNow (we reported).,


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