Mar 16, 2018 - 08:47 pm

Volvo to reveal electric semi truck at IFAT in Munich


Volvo Trucks will be finally unveiling their new electric semi truck, at the IFAT in May. It is scheduled to be operational for regional and city transport as of 2019. Testing at an outdoor driving range has allowed for first impressions of the EV.

The first electric semi trucks by Volvo will be taken into operation already this year, but only by specifically chosen customers. The general sale of the electric semi for larger stretches and within cities will only commence in 2019, however.

The South Korean technology firm Samsung will be providing the necessary batteries for the vehicles. In a January interview with the Korea Herald, Claes Nilsson, head of Volvo Trucks, he said “We are already collaborating with Samsung when it comes to battery technology”, before he went on to explain the decision to opt for battery-electric vehicles over hybrid technology: “Although hydrogen has potential today, batteries are more likely to be the mainstream,” he said. “But right now the most promising development is in batteries rather than hydrogen”., (In German)

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