Strong demand for Hyundai Nexo FCV in Korea


Hyundai has started sales of its Nexo fuel cell electric car in Korea and says it received over 1,000 orders in the first week. With Korea’s high EV subsidies, Hyundai can offer the Nexo for about 25,000 euros in its home market.

Hyundai’s NEXO fuel cell vehicle starts at 33,900,000 Won in Korea, that is 25,169 euros after subsidies with the regular price beginning at 68,9 million Won (about 52,000 euros). This makes the base price slightly cheaper than its predecessor, the iX35 Fuel Cell.

The price policy together with EV subsidies has spurred demand. Just on the first day of pre-orders, Nexo recorded 733 orders and now stands at 1,061 FCV sold, according to the company. After Korea, the Nexo shall be launched “in select markets around the world” before the year’s end reportedly.

According to Hyundai, the new fuel cell powertrain reaches an efficiency of 60 percent and provides 20 to 30 percent more power compared with the ix35 Fuel Cell. The SUV’s range of 800 km. The motor’s output accumulates to 120 kW (163 hp).


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