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Electric vehicle for mining by Danfoss and Paus


The Finnish arm of Danish Danfoss has joined Paus Maschinenfabrik from Germany in their drive to electrify mine vehicles. The first fruit of their cooperation is the MinCa 5.1 that has gone serial and is available as either hybrid or all-electric vehicle.

For Paus, it is the first electrified vehicle. They say the MinCa can be “universally applied” and transport both men or material underground with a payload of 1.2 tons.

The electric version of the wheeled miner features a 50 kW drive and 50 kWh battery that is good for up to 4 hours of mining. The motor called EDITRON is supplied by Danfoss Mobile Electrification, a Finnish outlet of the otherwise Danish group.

The hybrid variant is in fact a range extended electric vehicle, that boasts the same system but got an additional 20 kWh battery on board. It can work 12 hours.

Series production has started and Paus and Danfoss say deliveries of the electric mining vehicle will start within this year.

Mining with electric vehicles has become a trend lately, driven by regulation and inherent health risks. Working underground, both the heat as well as poisonous exhausts generated by fossil-fuel powered models add to dangers of the industry. Canada for example has already banned the use of diesel vehicles in mines. Indeed, Canada’s Medatech was early on the market. There is also Artisan Vehicles and their 40-ton electric truck. The Z40 is an underground haul truck used by mining companies all over the world and the American company says it was overwhelmed by demand for their electric version.

Over in Europe, examples for mining EVs include the Swiss Komatsu rework. Also from Switzerland comes the Lynx, aka the eDumper dump truck that claims the title of the world’s largest EV and may sure be the readiest. It has just sprung into operation in a quarry in Péry in the Bernese Jura and is a joint development by Swiss universities and Empa. (PI)


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