BPW applies BMW battery tech to trucks


At the IAA Commercial Vehicles, BPW Bergische Achsen has announced a cooperation with BMW i. In the frame of the cooperation, BPW will be using BMW i battery technology to develop a more powerful axle-motor for electrified trucks.

The electric axle will be used for heavy transporters and trucks with a total weight up to 7.5 tonnes. The motor will be available as of 2019 to electrically refit MB Varios, for example for communal use in a small series. A motor concept for 26 tonnes of total weight is also already being planned.

Regarding technical specifications, the axle has a maximum torque of 6,580 Nm and is fitted to the rear axle. Two lithium-ion high voltage systems from the BMW i3 are combined for a total capacity of 84 kWh. The battery management system, including cables, sensors and the temperature management system are all provided by BMW. Additional battery systems can also be installed to boost the range of the vehicles. BPW also is offering different charging systems to address customers with different requirements.

Starting in early 2019, the BPW axle motor system will go into serial production: Paul Nutzfahrzeuge will then provide the conversion services for heavy transporters and light trucks from diesel to electric motor systems. Due to the elimination of heavy components, such as the diesel engine and transmission, the total weight of the vehicles will remain unchanged during the process. The companies announced an electrified version of the Mercedes Vario in January of this year. The vehicle also underwent testing by the logistic service provider Hellman Worldwide Logistics.

electrive.net, bpw.de (Both in German)


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