Mar 13, 2019 - 12:44 pm

Infiniti plans 2020 withdrawal from Western Europe


Nissan’s luxury brand Infiniti will withdraw from Western Europe at the beginning of 2020. According to the manufacturer, it intends to focus instead on growth markets, particularly China and North America. Western Europe will therefore no longer play a role in the brand’s planned electrical offensive.

In addition, this restructuring plan will have no impact on Infiniti’s ongoing operations in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia, which are expected to grow further.

Infiniti had announced that all of its models from 2021 onwards would be available with either a fully electric setup or Nissan’s e-Power technology. The manufacturer will also discontinue its diesel range. In addition, the luxury brand intends to sell exclusively electric and hybrid cars from 2025 onwards. However, these models will not be available on the Western European market.

Looking outside of electric mobility, Infiniti never really managed to gain a foothold in key European markets. For example, in terms of new registrations in Germany across all drive systems, Infiniti had 1,057 vehicles in 2015 and was even able to grow slightly to 2,197 units in the following year. But the past two years have seen a rapid decline. While in 2017 the number of new registrations was only 1,230 vehicles, last year only 762 Infiniti cars were sold. By comparison, the brand sold around 140,000 vehicles in the USA last year.


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