Aug 16, 2019 - 03:05 pm

Uber & Lime expand cooperation in Europe


Uber clients in Europe may now book Lime e-bikes straight through the Uber app. The cooperation started in the US and is currently being rolled out across the continent. Prague, Warsaw and Stockholm are among the first wave of European markets with other capitals to follow suit.

The Uber-Lime cooperation goes back to the summer of 2018, when Uber invested a “sizeable” amount to integrate the startup into their app. Five months later, Oakland came online, and since then the partnership has grown to include more than 30 US markets.

Now Europe is on with said three capitals making a start. Lime’s European expansion is projected to extend into Austria, Portugal and Spain throughout the summer as well. Moreover, the kick scooters have been available in Paris through the Lime app for some time.

Also for Uber, this is not the first such cooperation. The ride-hail app bought San Francisco’s Jump Bikes this April reportedly so the users may rent Jump pedelecs already through the Uber app in cities like San Francisco or Berlin.

Staying in Germany, Lime announces progress in the Google maps integration. Google had invested in the scooter sharing at the same time as Uber through its Alphabet venture. Since then, Lime’s light electric vehicles appear on Google Maps. We can report sightings in Cologne, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin.

Globally, Lime claims that its LEVs now show as a transport option on Google Maps in more than 100 cities. Android users can access the service via both the walking and cycling tabs, although iOs integration will take until the end of this month. Google will display information about each electric vehicle including distance, price and battery range, as well as the walking route to get there. (Uber in Europe), (Google Maps)


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