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New batteries and longest bus so far from Solaris


Solaris has just presented a battery update for its Urbino 18 electric bus at Busworld. At the bus trade show in Belgium, the Polish manufacturer is also exhibiting its longest vehicle to date, the new Trollino 24 trolleybus.

The new “Solaris High Energy +” batteries are characterized by a high energy density. The bus manufacturer expects the Urbino 18 electric “to be able to cover 200 kilometres in one battery charge without any problems, regardless of road or weather conditions”. The 18-metre-long articulated electric bus can carry a maximum of 120 passengers with 40 seats. Solaris says that the range should remain high at maximum capacity.

The battery cells with a total capacity of 553 kWh (previously a maximum of 300 kWh) are installed in seven modules. Three of these are installed in the rear part of the articulated bus, the other four on the roof of the front part. Solaris had already announced the battery update at the end of June. At the time the company said that the higher capacity had been made possible by changing the supplier for the battery cells. In June, Solaris did not name the supplier, but BMZ Poland was announced as the exclusive partner. For the time being, the batteries will only be used at Solaris.

Five of these new modules will fit into the Urbino 12 electric – at 79 kWh per module, this corresponds to 395 kWh of total capacity. The battery type can be charged with an output corresponding to its capacity – just under 400 kW for the 12-metre bus and 550 kW for the 18-metre bus.

The Urbino 18 electric exhibited in Busworld Europe in Brussels has also been equipped with a number of driver assistants. A camera system supplied by Mobileye will monitor the blind spot and reduce the risk of collisions with pedestrians or cyclists. A radar-supported warning system should be able to brake automatically in the event of an imminent frontal collision. Cameras instead of exterior mirrors should provide the driver with a better view and also improve the aerodynamics of the bus – a solution that Solaris has made available for other Urbino buses. In addition, a heat pump with CO2 as a refrigerant should increase the vehicle’s energy efficiency and range.

In addition to the 18-metre articulated Urbino bus, Solaris is exhibiting its 12-metre fuel cell-powered Urbino 12 Hydrogen, the details of which were revealed in June this year. The fuel cell bus should have a range of up to 350km and can be refuelled at hydrogen stations.

Solaris is also now exhibiting its newest and longest vehicle to date at Busworld: The bi-articulated 24.7-metre Trollino 24 trolleybus. The bus is powered by two traction motors with 160 kW each, which drive two axles. The motors draw their power from a 58 kWh battery, which in turn draws energy from the overhead line via a pantograph mounted on the roof. Thanks to the large buffer battery, the Trollino 24 can also bridge distances without an overhead line.

To make it easier to drive the 24.7-metre bus in city traffic, the fourth axle also has a steering system. The Trollino 24 can carry up to 215 passengers, whose entrance and exit of the vehicle is made easier by the unique Solaris door arrangement 1-2-2-2-2.


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