Mar 5, 2020 - 05:50 pm

Porsche plans 900 more Destination Charging locations

Porsche has just announced that its charging network called Porsche Destination Charging is to grow by around 900 new locations by the end of this year. The network currently comprises 1,035 AC charging points in around 20 countries. Porsche customers with a Taycan or plug-in hybrid model may use these free of charge.

Porsche is installing the charging points in hotels, airports, museums, shopping centres, sports clubs and marinas, among other places, analogous to the destination charger network of Tesla.

“Thanks to ‘Porsche Destination Charging’, we are adding particularly popular locations to our charging network while also highlighting our claim to be a driver of the expansion of electric mobility. By the end of 2020, we aim to provide a total of 2,000 charging locations,” says Martin Urschel, Vice President Smart Mobility Sales & Operations at Porsche. By the end of 2020, the network should grow to a total of 2,000 charging locations.

The program will be offered in all national markets where plug-in hybrid models and fully electrified vehicles from Porsche are sold, the premium manufacturer explains. In Europe, this includes Germany, Spain, Italy, the Benelux countries and some Eastern European countries. Brazil is one of the countries in the network outside of Europe. According to Porsche, partners in the program receive the charging hardware free of charge. At the same time, 800-volt charging stations are also being installed at Porsche dealerships across Europe.

In addition, Porsche drivers can also use the app-based charging service, Porsche Charging Service. It was only at the end of January that the manufacturer announced that more than 100,000 AC and DC charging points in ten countries had become accessible. This means that Porsche has doubled the number of charging points within a year: In a previous update, Porsche detailed 49,000 charging points for its Charging Service in February 2019.


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