Aiways to send several hundred U5 to Corsica


Aiways is now supplying the car rental company Filippi Auto in Corsica with several hundred units of its battery-electric SUV U5 as part of the Electrify Corsica project. Filippi Auto is Aiways’ first major customer in Europe.

The Corsican client is the operator of the Hertz car rental companies on the Mediterranean island. The Chinese BEV fleet is to be integrated into the company’s fleet of cars as early as this summer, according to a press release electrive received by email. The procurement project is part of a large-scale campaign to reduce emissions and air pollution in Corsica and to make the island a hub for e-mobility. Further details about ‘Electrify Corsica’ are to be announced in June. According to Aiways, it will then also be clear how many U5 electric SUVs will be handed over to Filippi Auto and how the rapidly expansion of the charging infrastructure on the island will take place.

In principle, the Corsican car rental company plans to increase the proportion of emission-free vehicles in its total fleet to 70 per cent by 2022. “Our decision to choose Aiways as a partner in the Electrify Corsica project is based on our conviction that the quality and performance of the U5 battery-electric SUV is a good match”, says Jean Noel Filippi, Manager of Hertz Corsica. Aiways opened its order books for commercial customers in Europe in May. Sales of the U5 for private customers are scheduled to start in June. The cooperation with Filippi Auto is an ideal opportunity for AIWAYS to “arrive in Europe”, said Alexander Klose, Deputy Chairman of the Aiways Board of Management and responsible for international business.

Just at the beginning of the month, the Chinese company published further details about the battery modules of their electric SUV. These have a new sandwich structure that according to Aiways should lead to greater stability and significantly reduce the risk of damage to the battery. According to the manufacturer, the battery has an energy content of 63 kWh and a range of more than 400 kilometres according to WLTP. Furthermore, according to its own winter tests, Aiways states that the U5 with the above-mentioned battery modules “even at temperatures well below freezing point, the U5 was able to achieve a practical range of almost 300 kilometres”.

The 4.70-meter-long electric SUV is powered by a 140 kW electric motor and is scheduled for delivery in Europe from August onwards. As reported, sales will be handled by third parties. The exact price is not yet known; it is expected to be around 35,000 euros.

Source: Press release via email


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