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Mercedes eVito Tourer available starting at 53,990 euros

The Mercedes eVito Tourer electric passenger van is now up for order. In Germany, the new eVito Tourer starts in Germany at a netlist price of 53,990 euros. The Mercedes EQV has been available for order since the end of May can now also be ordered in the extra-long version with a length of 5,370 mm.

Mercedes introduced the eVito Tourer in March. In the course of the facelift, the electric version of the Vito Tourer was given the e-drive called eATS from the EQV – i.e. a battery with 100 kWh gross instead of the previous 41.4 kWh and above all the DC fast charging option. The update greatly increases the NEDC range from 186 to 421 kilometres.

The model can now be ordered in the long version (5.14 metres) and the extra-long version (5.37 metres). The price for the long version starts at 53,990 euros net, but Mercedes has not yet given details on the base price of the extra-long eVito Tourer. The price already includes a maintenance package that is valid for four years which, according to the manufacturer, should cover the costs of maintenance work during this period according to the service booklet and manufacturer’s specifications. Daimler grants a warranty of eight years or 160,000 kilometres on the battery.

As a spin-off of the Vito commercial vehicle, the eVito Tourer passenger van is aimed at taxi companies and other driving services. For these customers, the model is intended to serve as a comfortable shuttle vehicle with a wide variety of seating configurations – from one seat facing the rear to nine seats in three rows.

The EQV model, which the company calls a ‘large capacity sedan’, is an electric passenger van aimed at private customers and has higher-value equipment. The electrically driven MPV can now also be ordered in the extra-long version with a length of 5.37 metres. The gross price for the long EQV 300 is currently 70,631.24 euros, while Mercedes has priced the new extra-long version at 71,501.24 euros gross, according to the configurator.

The eVito Tourer and the EQV as well as their combustion engine counterparts, the Vito and V-Class, are manufactured in Vitoria in northern Spain. The joint production on one line is intended to enable “flexible and synergic production in direct correlation with customer demands”.



2 Kommentare zu “Mercedes eVito Tourer available starting at 53,990 euros

  1. John Aquilina

    Good to see Mercedes seemingly win the race to getting a decent EV passenger van to market. Having a commercial EV introduces even more people to the commonsense of Electric mobility

    My belief is that Tesla’s CyberTruck platform will morph into a number of Passenger Van variants, but that is at least 3 years away.

    With SAIC (and it’s poor quality ethos*) the only other EV Van builder, Mercedes should have the market mainly to themselves for the first few years.

    *I own a SAIC “Luxury Van”, plenty of disappointment borne by shoddy engineering and cheap material choices

  2. Brian Talbot


    I am interested in buying the new eVito tourer. I live in Portugal Algurve aria. Can you please advise as I would like extras added.

    Kind regards
    Brian Talbot

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