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Mercedes-Benz is now taking orders for the EQV


Mercedes has now opened the order books for the EQV. The premium electric van is initially available in the long-wheelbase version. The price in Germany currently starts at 71,388.10 euros.

The EQV is the third electric van from Daimler and the second EQ model after the EQC, following the eVito and eSprinter that are more designed for commercial customers.

Mercedes-Benz Transporter and Vans Germany are calling the passenger van a ‘large capacity sedan’. Andreas Böger, Head of Sales of New Vehicles describes the target group as being “the environmentally-conscious family, the recreational athlete or as a shuttle vehicle”.

While the Daimler’s two commercial models, the eVito and the eSprinter, look exactly like their combustion engine counterparts, the EQV picks up on some of the design elements of the EQC and thus differs from the V-Class – for example, the radiator grille or the black design element that surrounds the radiator grille.

The EQV is equipped with a 150 kW electric motor, the power electronics and the transmission with fixed ratio are tightly packed at the front of the engine compartment. The lithium-ion battery is mounted in the underbody of the vehicle and therefore does not affect the interior. The gross capacity is 100 kWh, of which 90 kWh can be used. The onboard charger comes from Delphi and enables three-phase AC charging with up to 11 kW. Regarding the DC charging capacity, Mercedes gives a maximum of 110 kW, but also mentions a charging time of 10 to 80 per cent in “less than 45 minutes”. Although this means that the maximum charging power is regulated from a certain point on, over the mentioned SoC range it is still 84 kW.

The preliminary range specification of 405 kilometres was increased to up to 418 kilometres after the final WLTP homologation. The BEV’s standard consumption is given as 19.7 to 20.8 kWh/100km. The maximum speed is limited to 140 km/h ex-works and can be increased to 160 km/h as an option.

Compared to the V-Class, the utility value of the van should remain the same, since the battery is fully integrated into the underbody. However, there is one functional change: the navigation of the MBUX system makes use of the electro-specific further developments of the EQC, that Mercedes is calling ‘Electric Intelligence’. This enables navigation tools that provide networked information on the current state of charge of the battery, weather conditions and information on the relevant charging infrastructure. These details are automatically calculated to enable the fastest and most convenient route with the fewest charging stops and shortest charging times.

As with the EQC, Mercedes also manufactures the EQV in the same plant as the respective combustion engine models. For the EQV, this is located in Vitoria in northern Spain. The co-production of the BEV and combustion models is supposed to allow “a flexible and synergetic production in direct correlation with customer demand”.

On the front of climate-neutral production, the German vehicle-making giant has now expanded its ambitions. A year ago, Daimler presented its roadmap for CO2-neutral mobility: Ambition2039. This includes the goal that from 2022 all Daimler plants in Europe should produce vehicles in a climate-neutral manner. The Group is now extending this goal to include all of its plants worldwide from 2022 onwards. This includes more than 30 plants across the globe. An important element of this is battery production, which is also to be CO2-neutral worldwide from 2022.

The EQV can be ordered with immediate effect at prices starting at 71,388.10 euros. This includes a maintenance package for four years that covers the costs of maintenance work and the Mercedes-Benz battery certificate for up to 160,000 kilometres or eight years. The remote and navigation services are included for 36 months, the “Mercedes me Charge” charging service and charging at Ionity for 12 months each.

The EQV 300 is initially available as a standard version, in the “Avantgarde Line” version and with a long wheelbase. An “EQV Design Package Exterior” and “EQV Design Package Interior” are also optionally available. Mercedes has not yet quoted prices for these, or for a version with a shorter wheelbase. (EQV),, (climate-neutral production)


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