Recall of 2,000 Polestar 2 electric cars confirmed

Following reports of problems with the all-electric Polestar 2 after deliveries started a few weeks ago, Polestar confirmed that they detected “a software error in the battery power control module, which, in very rare cases and without warning can lead to a loss of drive”.

This information had been sent to clients in the Nordic countries first but Polestar’s German division has also shared it in a fan forum for owners and we have since received confirmation from Polestar directly.

The manufacturer first mentioned a “limited number of vehicles” being affected regarding Polestar 2, model year 2021. However, the Swedish portal Dagens Industri reported all Polestar cars delivered so far would be recalled, meaning almost 2,200 electric cars built by the Volvo subsidiary, according to the portal’s count.

Indeed, Polestar confirmed this following our request for information, saying: “In total, 2,189 registered customer vehicles are being recalled. The countries affected are the launch markets who have commenced customer deliveries – China, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and the UK.”

In the German forum, the seller said Polestar would contact the owners of potentially affected cars to bring their EV back into the garage. And indeed, Polestar told us the fix was “a manual software update.”

They also made sure to say, that “in total, three customer vehicles have been verified to have been affected and that vehicles currently being delivered are not at risk.”

The Polestar 2 is the company’s first all-electric car. Series production of the Polestar 2 started at the end of March in Luqiao, China. Polestar, like Volvo, is owned by Geely.

The company then started deliveries to select markets this summer and ahead of schedule. Perhaps that was a bit too fast. Still, clients in Sweden and Norway received their EVs first, Germany followed with other markets being on the list. In the UK, the first so-called Polestar Space was to open at the Westfield mall in London this month. Whether this schedule will now be delayed remains open at this stage.

Polestar was also planning launches outside Europe, i.e. in North America, where Volvo and its subsidiary Polestar get separate tax credits. The list prices of the Polestar 2 start at 59,900 US dollars excl. the federal tax credit of 7,500 dollars.

In China, where Polestar just opened a new factory, the guide price of 460,000 yuan (around 57,300 and 58,600 euros, respectively) will continue to apply. The all-electric car by the Swedish-Chinese brand is largely seen as an alternative to the Tesla Model 3. (the German source), (the Swedish source), additional information via email


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