Ford reveals European charging partners & Ionity prices

Shortly after Ford announced that the Mustang Mach-E GT would also be available in Europe from the end of 2021, Ford also announced the charging rate at Ionity charging stations and the wall box partners for Europe.

Under Ionity’s conditions, all customers of a Ford Mustang Mach-E (not only those of the more expensive GT version) receive free access to the ‘FordPass’ charging service for five years. Access to Ionity’s HPC columns will also be free for one year. Being a shareholder in Ionity likely helped Ford here. Following that, Ford drivers will receive a reduced rate of €0.31 per kWh, significantly lower than Ionity’s standard rate of €0.79 per kWh (under the current 16 per cent VAT: €0.77 per kWh).

While various Ford buyers can benefit from the arrangement, this will not affect all electrified models: Ionity only offers CCS charging points on its HPC charging stations, but not every Ford PHEV can charge via CCS.

Ford also announced partnerships for Ford Connected Wallbox installation services with seven companies covering 14 markets across Europe. In the DACH region, the wall box partner is the Swiss company Alpiq. The exact wall box model (Alpiq is an energy company and not a manufacturer of chargers) is not mentioned in the announcement, but it will be available in a 7.4 kW and 11 kW version. The weatherproof wall boxes can also be installed outdoors and are equipped with a 7.5-metre long type 2 cable. Customers will be able to monitor and control the wall box from their phone using the ‘FordPass’ app – so customers will only need one app to charge at home and on the road.

Alpiq is also the wall box partner in Italy. Centrica takes over this task in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Defa in Sweden and Norway, and Eneco is the partner for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. On the Iberian Peninsula, Ford has allied itself with Etra, and in France, Zeborne is the wall box partner.

As part of the ‘Go Electric’ roadshow across Europe, the Mustang Mach-E, which was presented in November 2019 in Los Angeles, had its European premiere in February 2020 in London. At the roadshow station in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Ford announced at the end of September that the Mustang Mach-E GT would also be available in Europe from the end of 2021. At its 2019 premiere, the 342 kW top model was announced for the USA only. The top model of the BEV series also just celebrated its German premiere in Hamburg.


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