Oct 21, 2020 - 09:52 pm

Iberdrola and Volvo team up for Recharge in Spain

Iberdrola and Volvo Car España have signed a framework cooperation agreement under which the energy group will supply charging solutions for the car manufacturer’s Recharge vehicle range in Spain.

The solution for Volvo will come through Wallbox, in which Iberdrola holds a minority stake in, thus calling it a portfolio company. The offer for Volvo includes both the supply of the charging point and its installation in a private or shared garage. In Spain, the Recharge range of electric cars and PHEV currently accounts for more than 20% of sales and the trend is expected to continue upwards in the coming years, said the new partners.

The offer also has the option to sign up for Iberdrola Electric Vehicle Plan electricity rate. The company says it allows users to travel “1,000 kilometres for 5 euros, ten times cheaper than diesel or petrol”. There is also six months of free charging anywhere in the Iberdrola public network.

The new charge points for Volvo’s electrified cars will also be available on the Iberdrola Public Charging App. With the app, drivers will be able to geo-locate a charger and, in the case of Iberdrola customers, be able to book it and pay using their mobile phone.

Following our request for information, Iberdrola also clarified that private charging stations owners could offer their charge points to other drivers. Says Iberdrola: “All of our chargers allow owners to invite several users to access their charge points through the myWallbox platform. Users with access can unlock the chargers using the app, and we also offer other access options such as password, RFID card and even facial recognition, depending on the model. We also offer an integrated payment solution through the myWallbox Business plan subscription, which allow charge point owners to charge users and get paid directly into their bank account.”

We also clarified, whether the custom-design rely on technology from Wallbox’ bi-directional home charging station Quasar, which the company presented at the CES in January this year.

In the case of Volvo, the wall box relies on the Commander 2 model with up to 22 kW of charging capacity, Iberdrola informs.

Iberdrola also claims that Volvo Recharge drivers will charge their electric car’s batteries with 100% green energy with certificates guaranteeing its renewable Origin (GoO).

We expect the Volvo Recharge deals also to feed into Iberdrola’s larger plans to invest 150 million euros over the next five years in the installation of 150,000 charging points in households, companies and cities, as well as on motorways and main roads.

These will include ultra-rapid (350 kW) charging points every 200 kilometres, super-rapid ones (150 kW) every 100 kilometres, and rapid (50 kW) charging points every 50 kilometres, according to Iberdrola.

The company also has similar agreements to Volvo Recharge in place with Mercedes-Benz as the utility company will supply and install charging stations for all private and commercial buyers of EQ models in Spain. At the same time, the supplier is pushing ahead with equipping gas stations with charging points as part of agreements with Avia, Ballenoil and Valcarcel. Other projects are in progress with companies such as Ikea, McDonald’s, Telefonica, REE and Auchán. Iberdrola will also develop e-mobility services for Renault’s electric car-sharing Zity and Ferrovial.



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