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Nissan Leaf powers the whole tree


Nissan is using its Leaf to power Christmas trees in a number of shopping malls in the Philippines in the run-up to Christmas. With this Christmas stunt, the Japanese manufacturer is demonstrating the Leaf’s bidirectional charging technology.

Nissan is putting its best foot forward with the Leaf, which in the meantime is somewhat of a trail-blazer when it comes to electric cars. The Japanese company is showcasing the Leaf’s vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology that can use energy from the Leaf battery to power home and office, or simply give back energy to the power grid (V2G).

Two recent examples of the Nissan Leaf continuing to break new ground in this way: In terms of V2X, Nissan has developed a concept vehicle called Re-Leaf for mobile emergency power supply based on the Leaf model; and Nissan is also powering forward with V2G capacities – most recently Nissan and E.On installed and successfully deployed 20 Vehicle-to-Grid chargers at Nissan’s European Technical Center in Cranfield, England.


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