Mercedes plans AMG variants for 4 e-models


Mercedes-AMG is apparently planning performance variants of the electric models EQA, EQB, EQS and EQE. Neither the performance data nor has the schedule for the market launch has been revealed.

According to the British magazine Autocar, Markus Schäfer, COO of Mercedes-Benz Cars and Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG for Development, is said to have revealed during the presentation of the EQA that the four EQ models will have AMG offshoots. Schäfer did not say when and in which order the electric AMGs will be presented. Autocar speculates that the EQA will be the first, as this model is the only one of the four model series mentioned that has already been presented and will also be the first to be launched on the market.

Schäfer did not reveal further details about either the market launch or the electric cars’ technical data. The EQA (technically related to the combustion model GLA, which is already available as the GLA 45 from AMG) and the EQB (as the GLB counterpart) use the same platform. As a rough house number: the Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 S 4MATIC+ with a two-litre petrol engine produces 310 kW.

It remains to be seen whether the AMG versions mean the “even more athletic all-wheel-drive models” with more than 200 kW of power that Mercedes announced at the presentation of the EQA. The EQA 250 shown so far only has an electric motor on the front axle and comes with an output of 140 kW. So it is quite possible that Mercedes will follow up with an all-wheel-drive EQA with 200 to 250 kW of power and that an AMG offshoot with 300 kW and more will also be launched – the latter could also have a sportier chassis.

There were already rumours about an AMG version of the EQS in April. As Autocar also reported at the time, the AMG EQS should be presented in 2022 and will produce at least 450 kW. AMG’s e-drive had been developed to rival Tesla’s Plaid drive.

Since the EQS shares the platform with its E-Class counterpart, the EQE, an AMG version seems obvious here as well. Apart from the rumoured 450 kW drive power, however, no further technical data are known here either. SUV offshoots of each of the two electric saloons are also planned, which are so far only referred to as EQE SUV and EQS SUV. Schäfer did not explain in detail whether these will also be AMG versions or only the saloons.

Schäfer also did not mention the EQC: no more powerful version of the already available e-SUV seems to be planned.

With reporting by Sebastian Schaal.


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