Norway marks 13,184 EVs sold during June

In Norway, 13,184 new electric cars were registered in June. The share of electric cars in new passenger car registrations was 64.6 per cent last month. Norway’s most successful model across all drive types in June was the Tesla Model 3 with 3,196 new registrations.

Compared to June 2020 (5,041 new registrations), the 13,184 electric cars were an increase of 261 per cent. At that time, the electric car share of Norwegian new registrations was 43.9 per cent.

In the current year, or more particularly, the first half of the year, a total of 48,059 new electric cars were put on the road, which corresponds to a market share of 57.3 per cent, according to a statement by the Norwegian Road Information Agency (OFV). In the same period last year, a total of 28,503 purely electric passenger cars were newly registered – a share of 48.1 per cent.

In addition, there were 20,452 plug-in hybrids with a market share of 24.4 per cent. In total, 81.7 per cent of all new passenger cars in Norway from January to June had an external charging connection, while pure petrol and diesel cars only achieved a share of 5.1 per cent each.

The stock of pure e-cars in Norway is approaching the 400,000 mark and reaches a share of 13.56 per cent. If plug-in hybrids are included, the stock of plug-in cars in Norway now stands at 544,106 and a share of more than 19 per cent.

The best-selling model in Norway in H1 2021, with 6,270 units, was a pure electric car, the Tesla Model 3. 3,196 of the Model 3s were registered in June alone.

This leads us back to the analysis of the monthly figures: In addition to the 13,184 all-electric cars, 4,139 new plug-in hybrids were registered in Norway in June. Compared to the same month last year, the share of plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles increased by 76.5 per cent. HEVs also increased, albeit “only” by 3.2 per cent compared to June 2020, reaching 1,400 new registrations.

Across all drive types, 20,392 new passenger cars were registered last month. The market share of all-electric cars was 64.6 per cent – above the 60 per cent mark for the second month in a row. Plug-in hybrids had a share of 20.3 per cent. Hybrid passenger cars (excluding PHEVs) had a share of 6.9 per cent.

As already mentioned, the Tesla Model 3 was the vehicle with the most new registrations across all drive types in June with its 3,196 units. In second place in June was the Ford Mustang Mach-E with 1,289 new registrations, ahead of the Skoda Enyaq in third place with 1,115 units – all of them BEV-only. In fourth place, with 1,104 units, comes the Toyota RAV4 with an unspecified share of plug-in hybrids. It is followed by the VW ID.4 (872 units), the Volvo XC40 (727 vehicles, unclear split between combustion, PHEV and BEV), the BMW X3 (572 vehicles, unclear split between combustion, PHEV and BEV), the Nissan Leaf (539 units) and the Mercedes EQC (485 new registrations).

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is not yet included in the June statistics – the first transport ship with the E-GMP BEV already arrived in Norway at the end of May. However, this could be due to a peculiarity of the Norwegian statistics: There, only the 20 best-selling models of the current year are listed with their current monthly figures – there, the hurdle is 1,097 units of the VW ID.3. Since Hyundai only came up with 926 vehicles with all models in June (including 433 Kona), the Ioniq 5 has not yet been able to surpass the 1,097 units of the ID.3 to be listed in the top 20.

With reporting by Sebastian Schaal, Germany. (bi-annual statistic), (June statistics), (models)


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