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FTXT & partners deliver 100 H2 trucks in Hebei


In China, Great Wall subsidiary FTXT Energy Technology and their vehicle partners Dayun, Dongfeng and Foton, have supplied a fleet of 100 heavy-duty trucks with hydrogen fuel cells for a construction project in the province of Hebei.

The trucks’ entire drive technology has been developed and provided by FTXT as well as the hydrogen tanks and stacks. The hydrogen fuel cells have an output of 111 kW. The company says that the system has a service life of 10,000 hours and can also be started at minus 30 degrees.

The 100 heavy-duty vehicles will be used for the construction of the “Xiong’an New Area”. Xiong’an is a planned retort city in the east of Baoding and is located about 100 kilometres from Beijing and Tianjin. The construction of the retort city is intended to relieve the pressure on the two aforementioned metropolises.

Currently, Rongyi Road is the main artery for transporting the required construction materials to Xiong’an. A total of ten hydrogen filling stations are to be built along the approximately 50-kilometre-long road to supply the fuel cell trucks with hydrogen.

As the Great Wall subsidiary FTXT announces, as many as 1,300 fuel cell vehicles are to be used in Hebei during the course of the project, which includes another 1000 fuel cell trucks.

Zhang Tianyu, head of FTXT Energy, said “The technological breakthroughs we have achieved till now, in many ways have helped us to significantly reduce the costs of the final product, as well as ensure high performance, durability, and overall efficiency.”

Great Wall is China’s largest off-road vehicle manufacturer. The company plans to introduce its first fuel cell SUV before the end of this year. The company will then deploy its hydrogen-powered cars at the 2022 Winter Olympics in China.


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