Ioniq 5 already sold out in Australia


As Hyundai sent its online ordering tool for the Ioniq 5 live in Australia, it was quickly overwhelmed, with the allocated vehicles sold within three hours of launch. This means the initial allocation of 240 Ioniq 5 models headed Down Under have all been spoken for.

Hyundai has already confirmed that no further units would be available in Australia this year. A brand representative responded to the demand as follows: “Once we have clear visibility of vehicle supply, we intend to release a second allocation of Ioniq 5s, with timing likely to be early 2022.”

The limited supply is directly a result of the ongoing chip-shortage, which has resulted in such a small number of vehicles being allocated to the Australian market. Furthermore, an initial amount of 400 vehicles were promised when the export to the Australian market was announced. “We’re definitely seeing the extended impact of semi-conductor shortages, and we see it flowing through into next year,” said Andrew Tuitahi, Hyundai Australia’s product planning general manager. This may cause further issues down the road, as the next model is expected to follow next year already, while the semiconductor situation is yet still unresolved.

Despite the shortage, Hyundai has taken note of the demand, which is somewhat surprising, as the vehicle is priced above the qualifying threshold for $3000 EV rebates in the states of NSW and Victoria and is ramping up production to meet it. “We’re still working through 2022 [IONIQ 5 supply numbers],” said Tuitahi, confirming the allocation would be “significantly higher than 400 units”.

The Australian export model range starts off with the 2WD variant featuring a single 160 kW electric motor at the rear producing 350 Nm of torque. There is also an AWD variant, which boasts a 155 kW and 350 Nm electric motor at the rear and a 70 kW and 255 Nm motor at the front, for a combined 225 kW and 605 Nm.,,


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Question: why don’t car makers construct their own chips?

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