Hyundai confirms Ioniq 6 and Ioniq 7 launch

Hyundai has officially confirmed for the first time that the next electric vehicle models based on the E-GMP platform will be called Ioniq 6 and Ioniq 7, as recently leaked, and will be launched in 2022 and 2024 respectively. As suspected, the Ioniq 6 will be a mid-size sedan, the Ioniq 7 a large SUV.

This information can be found in the last paragraph of a press release on the US launch of the Ioniq 5. The South Korean company unveiled the electric car in the United States yesterday, and it is scheduled to go on sale there in autumn 2021.

The details of the Ioniq 6 and Ioniq 7, which have now been confirmed by Hyundai, had already been mentioned by the Korean Car Blog at the beginning of the month, citing a conference call of the carmaker. In addition, it was said at the time that the Ioniq 6 would be inspired by the Hyundai study Prophecy. Hyundai had unveiled the futuristically designed concept sedan in March 2020.

In addition to the body style and the market launch, according to Carscoops, the first technical key data on the two future E-GMP electric cars were already revealed in a media briefing: the Ioniq 6 is to be offered with a 73 kWh battery and two drive variants with 160 kW (one electric motor) and 230 kW output (all-wheel drive). The Ioniq 7 is also to be optionally available with the 230 kW all-wheel-drive, but will get a 100 kWh battery.

According to the configurator information, the Ioniq 5 will be offered in Europe with both a smaller 58 kWh battery and a 73 kWh battery. It is also available with rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive system. The top model with a large battery and all-wheel drive has 225 kW. In the press release for the USA, however, the Ioniq is presented with a 77.4 kWh battery – a slightly higher specification in terms of energy content. There is no mention of the small battery. The top model is said to have 230 kW. It is unclear how the slightly different figures for the US model are arrived at. However, there is a parallel to Kia’s EV6, which is also based on the new E-GMP platform. For the EV6, and specifically for the European version, Kia also states 77 kWh battery capacity.

As a sales bonus for the Ioniq 5, Hyundai is also offering free charging at Electrify America in the USA. For two years, an unlimited number of 30-minute charging sessions are free. As mentioned, the model is scheduled to roll into dealers’ showrooms in autumn.

In Europe, on the other hand, deliveries of the Ioniq 5, which was presented in February, will begin shortly. Several hundred units of the 800-volt electric car have been shipped to Norway. Specifically, these are examples of the special ‘Project 45’ model.

No concrete delivery dates or the arrival of a transport ship are known yet in Europe. According to a social media post, some German dealers, such as Autohaus Sangl from Landsberg am Lech, which is particularly well-positioned in terms of electric mobility, are preparing for the arrival and registration of the first vehicles.


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