Tesla launches Model X deliveries in the USA


Tesla has now officially started deliveries of the new Model X in the US. This is evidenced by shots of an initial handover of five vehicles shared on social networks. In Europe, meanwhile, the refresh of the two premium models Model X and Model S is not expected until the end of 2022.

The new Model X cars that have now been handed over for the first time in the USA are said to be white, six-seater variants of the premium electric SUV. Several portals, citing Twitter users, report that first shots showed the Long Range version with a range of 360 miles (about 580 kilometres) and the cockpit closely resembling the new interior of the redesigned Model S. The new Model X is also said to feature a newly designed interior. A redesigned door panel, the announced yoke steering wheel, so-called Falcon Wing Doors and a massive panoramic windshield are also said to be visible.

Referring to statements from Tesla forums, Teslarati also reports that buyers of five-seat Model Xs have been asked by Tesla whether they would like an update to six seats. On this basis, the portal speculates that the manufacturer will primarily produce the six-seat Model X in the near future and that the five- or seven-seat Model X refreshes will have to wait for now. Likewise, by the way, the Model X Plaid.

Prices for the new Tesla Model X start in the US at $99,990 before options. The Model X Plaid costs 119,990 US dollars before options, less than Model S Plaid, for which Tesla charges 129,990 dollars before options. However, according to the portal Electrek, the waiting times for the Model X are considerable. The waiting time for the Long Range version is almost a year, and even longer for the Plaid version.

As is known, Tesla presented the revised versions of the Model S and X in January and then started the first deliveries of the Model S in June. However, the start of deliveries of the new Model S was bumpy. Tesla temporarily suspended deliveries. In addition, there were reportedly massive delays later on. Tesla apologises for this, but has not yet given any reasons.

For Europe, the market launch of the Refresh premium models has already been postponed several times. Originally, they were to be delivered in September, but since then the date in the online configurator has been pushed back several times. The most recent postponement was to mid-2022, and a few days ago there was a further postponement to “end of 2022”. This would mean a delivery pause of around two years for the Model S and Model X in Europe. The last “old version” models were delivered to Europe at the end of 2020.

With reporting by Cora Werwitzke, France. (European launch in German)


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