Foxconn + Gogoro & partners to electrify Indonesia

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Foxconn has reached an agreement with the Indonesian Ministry of Investment, the electric scooter manufacturer Gogoro and other partners to create an ecosystem around e-mobility in Indonesia. However, the system is to encompass much more than the exchangeable batteries for Gogoro scooters.

According to Focxonn, the ecosystem will include the production of batteries, the development of two- and four-wheeled e-vehicles, and the development of EV-supporting industries such as energy storage systems (ESS), battery exchange stations and battery recycling. Under the MoU, the partners will explore a wide range of investments and enter into mutually beneficial cooperation. In the initial phase, the focus will be on developing a new power and full battery platform in Indonesia that produces LFP or nickel (solid state) batteries for electric vehicles.

The engagement will not only bring in capital but also lead to the partners sharing their technology and experience to create a modern and open ecosystem for electric vehicles, Bahlil Lahadalia, Minister of Investment, said of the venture. “It will also be a great opportunity for local talents and local start-ups to develop and participate in the national EV ecosystem in Indonesia.”

The collaboration between Taiwan-based Gogoro and Foxconn is not new. In June last year, Gogoro agreed with Foxconn on a technology and production partnership, primarily involving the contract manufacturer’s production of Gogoro’s electric scooters and battery replacement system. They also aim to cooperate in vehicle development and in the field of batteries.

In Germany, Gogoro’s electric scooters – but not the battery-exchange system – became known primarily through Bosch’s electric scooter sharing service Coup, which has since been discontinued; the Gogoro 2 was used here. Later, Tier Mobility deployed the 5,000 Gogoro scooters.

Foxconn has made a name for itself primarily in the smartphone industry as a contract manufacturer for Apple, but is increasingly striving into the eMobility sector. In autumn 2020, the group unveiled its own electric car platform. This was followed by a series of collaborations, including with Geely, Fisker, Nidec and Thailand’s state-owned energy company PTT. Foxconn has already emphasised several times that it also wants to develop a solid-state battery, which is to be launched on the market by 2024.


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