Wallbox Chargers opens factory in Barcelona

The Spanish charging infrastructure manufacturer Wallbox Chargers has opened its new production facility in Barcelona, in which around nine million euros have been invested. Currently, the new factory in Barcelona produces almost 1,200 chargers per day.

The fact that production is already running at this level for the opening has a simple reason: the opening ceremony was postponed until spring due to the Corona pandemic. Production at the plant already started in December 2021 and has been ramped up since then.

The plant currently employs 203 people, with plans to increase the number of employees to more than 520 at full operating capacity in three shifts. Later, the production capacity is expected to increase to more than 750,000 unit per year. The factory is located in the Zona Franca industrial estate, and Wallbox Chargers signed a lease for the buildings of the former Nissan factory last year until 2031.

The company has installed four production lines in the building: On two lines, the AC chargers for Europe are assembled, i.e. the Pulsar+, Copper, Commander2 and Quasar lines. The Pulsar ULs for North America are built on a third line, and the Supernova DC charging station is assembled on the fourth.

Wallbox says it is committed to the sustainability of its products and manufacturing. For example, 4,500 square metres of solar modules are to be installed on the roof in the third quarter, with the company stating that the output will be 900 kWp. Depending on the weather, this should cover between 30 and 60 per cent of the company’s own needs. After installation, the solar modules are to be connected to the company’s own Sirius software for energy management.

A few days ago, Wallbox Chargers began construction of its first production facility in the USA. Production in Texas is scheduled to start as early as this autumn.



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