Hyundai launches XCIENT trucks to hit Europe via Germany

Hyundai announces the launch of the XCIENT fuel cell truck in Germany. Seven local logistics, manufacturing and retail companies will integrate 27 Hyundai hydrogen trucks into their fleets with funding through the German Federal Ministry for Digitalisation and Transport (BMDV).

Hyundai and the Swiss company H2 Energy have also established Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility Germany GmbH (HHMG) through their existing joint venture Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility. The German branch will expand its entry into the hydrogen-powered commercial vehicle market in Germany.

Hyundai Motor added they would “leverage this opportunity to further expand its business into the wider European commercial vehicle market, following its successful entry into Germany.”

The company has already deployed 47 XCIENT Fuel Cell trucks in Switzerland, which have accumulated over four million kilometres in driving as of July 2022. However, plans see Hyundai deliver 1,600 FCEVs throughout 2025, as reported.

For the new partners in Germany, Hyundai has yet to disclose names. So far, only Dachser has come forward. The logistics company expects one fuel cell truck to take up service early next year in day and night operations in Berlin and Magdeburg.

Hyundai specifies the XCIENT vehicles with a 180-kW hydrogen fuel cell system with two 90-kW stacks. There are seven hydrogen tanks for a combined storage capacity of around 31 kg of fuel, while a 72-kWh-powered set of three batteries provides an additional power source. The maximum driving range is 400 km per charge. Refuelling a full hydrogen tank takes about 8 to 20 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature, so Hyundai.

The BMDV rolled out the funding in August 2021 in line with the European Commission. Support is available for battery, fuel cell and (overhead line) hybrid electric vehicles, including infrastructure and feasibility studies. BMDV will have a budget of 1.6 billion euros available until 2024 to purchase eco-friendly commercial vehicles.

Hyundai launched the XCIENT fuel cell truck in 2020. The trucks they will deliver are the updated 2021-models with the larger motor and two fuel cell stacks described above.

The company has also deployed XCIENT trucks in the USA and China.

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I m interested to be presentaten company in Slovenija for Your comercial trucks.

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