ACC has ordered cell separators from Von Roll


The Automotive Cells Company (ACC) battery cell joint venture between Stellantis, Total and Mercedes-Benz has ordered cell separators from the Shield T product family for thermal management and fire protection of its batteries from the Swiss industrial group Von Roll.

The series order has a total volume of around €40 million, according to Von Roll. Production is scheduled to start in 2024. The Swiss company goes on to write that ACC chose Von Roll’s solution “in an extensive selection process.”

The Shield T-41 product family is said to be newly developed cell separation elements, which are expected to convince “customers with excellent technical properties at an attractive price-performance ratio.” However, Von Roll does not provide any further details on either the technical properties or the price.

“We are very proud of our new Shield T‑41 product family and convinced, that it will provide a crucial advantage for the development and the production of innovative, high-performance batteries at ACC,” says Christian Hennerkes, CEO at Von Roll. “The global market for new and improved solutions for the thermal management of modern batteries has a huge potential for future growth.”

ACC is currently planning or building three cell factories in Europe. The plants in Douvrin (France), Kaiserslautern (Germany) and Termoli (Italy) are expected to reach 40 GWh of production capacity each when completed – Douvrin and Kaiserslautern were originally announced at 24 GWh, but at the time PSA and Total were still the sole shareholders. With the merger of PSA and FCA to form the Stellantis Group, further brands have been added, and the entry of Mercedes-Benz in September 2021 has also increased the demand for battery cells from the shareholders.


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