Celgard separators for ABF’s LFP batteries in the US

Separator manufacturer Celgard has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with American Battery Factory (ABF). Celgard will supply 100 per cent of ABF’s demand for separators for LFP battery cells in the US.

Celgard and ABF have said they also plan to develop next-generation technologies and cells for LFP batteries. The two partners also plan to explore opportunities to establish an LFP ecosystem in the US that will provide improved access to precursor materials and expanded capacity. Celgard did not reveal the details of the financial scope of the separator supply when it announced the agreement with ABF.

Celgard specialises in dry process membranes used as separators for lithium-ion batteries. Celgard is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polypore International, an Asahi Kasei company. In 2021, Polypore formed a joint venture with China’s Semcorp to produce dry process separators.

“We are excited to work with ABF to develop and showcase Celgard next-generation membrane separators and to advance lithium battery technology with LFP chemistry,” said Lie Shi, Asahi Kasei global head of separator business development and executive vice president of Polypore. “LFP represents an important market, and Celgard dry-process membrane separators offer a high-performance technology solution for this application.”

American Battery Factory (ABF) was founded by Lion Energy, a supplier of batteries and solar products. The company was founded by the co-founders of Lion Energy. Lion Energy says it was earning about $100 million in battery storage solution sales last year and doubling growth each year. This prompted the founders of Lion Energy to recognize the need to onshore a US-based LFP battery supply chain. The young spinoff unveiled plans in March to build a network of LFP battery factories in the US. The LFP batteries are said to be suitable for stationary applications but also for electric vehicles such as trucks, buses, trams, agricultural vehicles, e-bikes, scooters, forklifts and heavy construction equipment.



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