Sep 15, 2022 - 02:30 pm

Batteryloop to give Mercedes batteries a second life

The company is already holding orders for systems near the three megawatt range.

Batteryloop, the subsidiary of Stena Recycling specialising in connecting used EV batteries, will use batteries from Mercedes-Benz vehicles for stationary energy storage systems ordered in Sweden.

The company has received three orders for its BLESS III storage system, each with 2.8 megawatts, to be installed in Sweden. This will use retired batteries from Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles.

The first energy storage system will be installed in Karlshamn Kommun and will stabilise the local power grid and reduce power peaks. System number two is going to Humlestaden. In the south-western part of Högsbo, Ikano Bostad and Stena Fastigheter are planning a new district with 3000 new flats, and the storage system will be used there for frequency trading services. In addition, Batteryloop will install an energy storage system from recycled vehicle batteries at the Stena Nordic Recycling Centre in Halmstad. This links two of the three orders to other Stena subsidiaries.

“The fact that our energy storage systems are made with reused batteries from the automotive industry is both resource efficient and climate smart,” says Rasmus Bergström, CEO of Batteryloop. “We also control our BLESS to be optimal with our own developed digital service platform. To succeed with the electrification of society and reach the target climate goals, reuse and innovative solutions are crucial.”

Batteryloop had signed a framework agreement with Mercedes-Benz Energy in April. This gives the Swedish company access to 40 MWh within 18 months.


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