Oct 27, 2022 - 05:08 pm

BP Pulse announces “Gigahub” network across the USA

BP plans to establish the BP Pulse Gigahub network, a series of large, EV fast-charging hubs designed to serve ride-hail and taxi fleets near US airports and high-demand locations across the nation.

The first planned location would be built near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in collaboration with Hertz and is partially funded by a grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC). BP Pulse and Hertz recently announced a memorandum of understanding to build out charging infrastructure at Hertz locations across North America.

So far, information about the Gigahubs reveals only that the charging points will be accessible to Hertz rental cars as well as taxi and ridesharing drivers and the general public. Here BP Pulse simply says. “With multiple stalls, Gigahub sites provide DC fast charging for all, welcoming drivers 24/7.”

BP Pulse and Hertz have not specified how many charge points each Gigahub will entail, nor the overall or individual charge point power capacity. Since quick turnaround is key for taxis and other ride-hailing services, ultra-fast charging would be optimal to avoid too much downtime for commercial operations. In April this year, we reported that BP had ordered DC charging stations from Tritium – known for its fast-charging stations that were the first to be equipped with Plug&Charge technology. This contract for 1,000 fast chargers was, however, aimed at the UK, Australian and New Zealand markets. Since Tritium also now has a production plant in the USA, one might assume that Tritium chargers will be at the top of the list for BP Pulse.

The grant from the CEC is part of the California Clean Transportation Program’s Charging Access for Reliable On-Demand Transportation Services initiative. The initiative aims to mitigate the environmental impact of ride-hailing services in Los Angeles.

Patty Monahan, Lead California Energy Commissioner for Transportation explained: “Vehicles employed by California’s ride-hailing fleets make up 2.5 per cent of the vehicle population, but consume 30 per cent of all public fast charging. The California Energy Commission is proud to support projects like the Gigahub network by bp pulse, near LAX in partnership with Hertz, two transportation powerhouses who are working together to help electrify ride-hailing and rental fleets and cut pollution in communities.”



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