Barcelona orders 73 municipal EVs from Renault Trucks


Barcelona will soon be using 73 Renault Trucks electric trucks for city cleaning and waste disposal. The capital of Catalonia stipulated the use of zero-emission vehicles in the tender for the city cleaning and waste collection services.

The contracts for the city cleaning were then awarded to several subcontractors – specifically to CLD Sorigué, Urbaser and Valoriza, all of which belong to the Sacyr Group. These companies, in turn, ordered a total of 73 electric trucks from Renault Trucks in the model series E-Tech D, E-Tech D Wide and E-Tech D Wide LEC models in various versions.

Renault Trucks says that the diversity of its electric range meant it could “offer the ideal solution for this complex public tender”. Despite the diversity of vehicle types, the basis for these vehicles involves only three chassis which are then equipped with various body designs. These include rear loaders (single and dual-compartment), side loaders (right and left), sweeper-sprayer tankers, tipper and crane trucks, lifting hooks, and low-entry cabs for greater operator comfort.

The electric city maintenance vehicles are being delivered in batches. This gradual implementation is planned to account for training periods to teach operators about electric technology and driving techniques. The first batch of rear loaders, sweeper-sprayers and a tipper have already been delivered.

This order for Barcelona is now the second major order for Renault Trucks within a few weeks: Coca-Cola recently ordered 30 Renault electric trucks for use in Belgium.

Renault has generally paid attention to offering a wide variety of electric commercial vehicles for different use cases, from micromobility vehicles to long-haul trucks. Earlier this year, Renault Trucks unveiled an e-mobility concept for the last mile using three modes of transport and recently joined forces with Kleuster, a Lyon-based e-bike manufacturer. Renault is already well into the business of trucks for household waste disposal. Among others, Renault trucks tailored for garbage disposal are already on the road in Paris, Lyon, Barcelona, and Florence.



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