Richter Group orders 20 fuel cell trucks from Nikola

Nikola and E.ON have signed a cooperation agreement with logistics provider Richter Group to decarbonise its heavy-duty truck fleet in Germany. As a first step, the logistics provider has ordered 20 Nikola Tre hydrogen-powered trucks.

The H2 trucks are expected to roll out to customers next year. Richter plans to convert its entire fleet to hydrogen in the next four to five years and also wants to put the Nikola Tre in the next step. The German company currently has a fleet of more than 160 diesel-powered trucks with loading and unloading points in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK.

Richter Group also plans to work with logistics partners to convert their fleets to Nikola vehicles as well. So the manufacturer could look forward to another 750 orders in the same period.

“We plan to introduce the Nikola hydrogen electric trucks and other services of Nikola and E.ON to many of our partners to further promote and grow decarbonization efforts in the European heavy-duty transport sector,” says Sylvio Richter, founder and CEO of Richter Group. “This Letter of Intent is just the beginning. Through our technology subsidiary Sundronix GmbH, Richter Group will be working with Nikola and E.ON on technological solutions for the design and construction of a 700-bar refuelling infrastructure, hydrogen transport logistics, and hydrogen supply.”

The Nikola Tre hydrogen-powered electric trucks in the European variant are manufactured by the joint venture between Nikola and Iveco Group at the latter’s plant in Ulm. Maintenance will also be carried out by Iveco.

Richter Group and its partners do not have to buy all the vehicles. They can also purchase some (or all) via Iveco’s pay-per-use offer. In 2022, the manufacturer launched GATE – Green & Advanced Transport Ecosystem to provide an all-inclusive rental model for electric trucks and vans.

The green hydrogen for the trucks as well as the infrastructure comes from E.ON. A first hydrogen filling station is expected to be built at the Richter site in Wesel. As soon as the joint venture between Nikola and E.ON is officially established, the latter will take over the supply of hydrogen.


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