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Lordstown Motors announces production and delivery pause & recall


The US electric car start-up Lordstown Motors has announced that it has experienced performance and quality issues with certain Endurance components that have led the company to temporarily stop production and customer deliveries.

The team is diligently working with suppliers on the root cause analysis of each issue and potential solutions, which in some cases may include part design modifications, retrofits, and software updates. In this regard, Lordstown Motors has filed paperwork with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to voluntarily recall the Endurance to address a specific electrical connection issue that could result in a loss of propulsion while driving.

Lordstown says that it is working with its supplier network to implement a corrective action that the company believes will address this issue. The recall will affect 19 vehicles that are either in the hands of customers or being used internally by Lordstown Motors. Vehicles waiting for shipment and vehicles in process at the manufacturing plant will also be retrofitted with the corrective action once components are available.

“While our experienced team has made significant progress in addressing the underlying component and vehicle sub-system issues affecting the Endurance build schedule, we remain committed to doing the right thing by our customers and to resolve potential issues before resuming production and customer shipments,” said Edward Hightower, Lordstown Motors CEO & President.

Lordstown had only started production of the Endurance in September last year, with the official certification and sales launch of the electric truck following at the end of November. Lordstown generally had a tough year in 2022, with investor General Motors leaving, followed by a management shift in the summer. That had not been a major downhill from the company’s 2021 year, where an investigation was undertaken by the US Justice Department and the announcement of a serious cash flow issue, which had delayed the production launch of their vehicles as well.


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