Cooltra and Cabify combine e-moped fleets in Spain


The mobility brands Cooltra and Cabify have agreed to integrate Cooltra’s moped rental service on Cabify’s app. The service went live in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, where Cabify is making its first appearance.

Elsewhere, the new deal means an increase in available mopeds. Cabify users in Madrid may now book over 3,000 scooters, with Cooltra adding nearly 2,000 LEVs to Cabify’s 1,200 mopeds. In Barcelona, the combined fleet has doubled, with both companies providing about 600 scooters each. Working with Cooltra’s more than 700 mopeds in Valencia, however, means that Cabify will be available for the first time.

To access the service, new users must upload the necessary driving documents to the Cabify app, choose the ‘Moped’ category and select the vehicle closest to them on the map to start travelling.

Lucía Chávarri, vice president of New Business at Cabify, highlighted that two Spanish companies were joining forces to provide sustainable zero-emission mobility to millions of users. “Moreover, this journey together allows us to go even further, significantly increasing the number of mopeds available to our users in Barcelona and Madrid. All of that while opening a new city like Valencia.”

Cooltra, on the other hand, expects to raise awareness of their electric moped-sharing service by the minute among Cabify users. “With this collaboration, we want to have more presence in multi-mobility applications to continue to grow Cooltra’s 2 million users”, said Timo Buetefisch, CEO and co-founder at Cooltra. He added that they offered a different experience since the vehicles are lighter and have a larger wheel diameter. Cooltra reportedly works with Govecs e-mopeds; a 2019 pilot project with BMW deploying C Evolution scooters in Barcelona appears not to have gone further.

As for Cabify, the company scored a massive loan from the European Investment Bank in May last year to deploy 1,400 electric vehicles in Spain over the next few years. The €40-million loan corresponds to around €28,600 to purchase a vehicle and charging facility. So far, we know of  Renault Mobilize cars being deployed, as reported. As for the e-mopeds, Cabify told electrive they were using Niu NQi LEVs. Niu is a large manufacturer from China.

Cabify targets all trips on its platform to be made in zero-emission vehicles by 2025 in Spain and by 2030 worldwide. According to its figures, the platform has 42 million registered users and 1.2 million drivers in Europe and South America.

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