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InfluenceMap accuses Volvo Trucks of slowing down climate protections


Climate think-tank InfluenceMap is accusing Volvo Group of lobbying against stricter climate regulations for the industry. The organisation claims Volvo Group is not living up to its stated commitments and investor promises.

The Volvo Group has opposed ambitious climate regulations in both the US and the EU, although it claims to be engaged in policies in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

In the US, the Volvo Group has directly lobbied legislators in several US states as part of a coordinated campaign by the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) against the California-led ACT (Advanced Clean Truck) rule, which mandates an increasing percentage of zero-emission vehicles for medium and heavy-duty trucks.

In the EU, the Volvo Group used its influence as part of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) to lobby against stricter climate protection requirements – specifically to prevent a complete phase-out of internal combustion engines by 2040.

In fact, as reported, the EU Commission is proposing a CO2 reduction target of 90 per cent for heavy-duty vehicles in 2040, although it had originally considered 100 per cent CO2 reduction. In 2021, InfluenceMap had already accused the German car industry of playing dirty in climate protection.

Volvo has produced an extensive range of electric trucks itself. It’s not hard to imagine what those working in Volvo’s electric trucks sector must be feeling towards their fossil-fuelled lobbying colleagues – the question is now: who knew what and when?

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