Tesla builds Model Y base variant in Germany – using BYD batteries


Tesla has started producing the Model Y base variant at its German plant this week. According to media reports, even the front frame is made in one piece.

As the German publication Teslamag has learned “from reliable sources”, the carmaker has started regular production of the Model Y with rear-wheel drive and structural battery at its manufacturing site in Grünheide, Germany. The latter uses battery cells made by BYD, while the Model Y base variant from the Giga Shanghai uses LFP cells from CATL.

Although it is not explicitly mentioned, it will likely be the Blade Battery. It also uses LFP cell chemistry but is characterised by the large and, above all, long cells. These prismatic cells are installed directly in the battery, perpendicular to the direction of travel – i.e. without a diversion via a battery module. And the cells can also be loaded structurally. BYD already implements cell-to-pack solutions with the Blade Battery (in the Dolphin) or cell-to-chassis solutions (in the Seal), where the battery housing simultaneously serves as the underbody of the interior.

There is no current information on the energy content, but Teslamag refers to an application by Tesla for EU-type approval from August 2022. At the time, Tesla registered a Model Y with a “structural” LFP battery from BYD – with 55 kWh and 440 kilometres WLTP range. By comparison, the Chinese-built Model Y with CATL battery comes with 60 kWh and 455 kilometres, according to WLTP.

As planned for the German Model Y from the beginning, Giga Presses produce the front frame element in one piece. There are three presses for the rear frame, but currently, only one for the front – so this component will probably be used for one Model Y variant only. At least for the time being. According to Teslamag, two more Giga presses are in preparation, meaning there should be enough one-piece front frames for all Model Y from Grünheide.

So far, Tesla has built the performance version and the long-range variant in Grünheide. At the beginning of April, it became known that the Tesla factory in Grünheide is now operating in three shifts. And in March, Tesla submitted the first application for the expansion of the plant to the state of Brandenburg. (in German)


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Kevin Lips
04.05.2023 um 17:19
lfp great shorter range = verry poor judgement. the long range need needs a lfp like the masterplan report numbers say.

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