Solaris delivers nine-metre electric buses to Austria

Polish manufacturer Solaris has received a new order from Lustenau in western Austria. The local public transport operator has ordered 16 units of the nine-metre Urbino 9 LE model.

The order from transport operator Rheintal Busverkehr will be completed by 2025. According to the Solaris release, it was agreed that eleven vehicles would be delivered in 2024 and the remaining five in 2025. The manufacturer also says that the contract was already signed in April.

The electric buses each offer space for 27 passengers and have batteries with more than 300 kWh capacity. The batteries are charged via CCS cable, and the buses have two ports to increase flexibility: One CCS port is located on the wheel arch on the right side of the vehicle, and another on the right rear.

Solaris presented its shortest electric bus in autumn 2021. Rheintal Busverkehr chose the Urbino 9 LE for a simple reason: the operator already has 20 conventionally powered Solaris Urbino 8.9 LE with similar dimensions in its fleet.

According to the manufacturer, it has already received orders for 70 units of the Urbino 9 LE from operators in Austria (Rheintal Busverkehr and Postbus), Poland, Italy, Romania, Spain, and Germany.


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