Sona Comstar signs tech licensing deal with Equipmake

Automotive systems & components manufacturer Sona Comstar signed a technology licensing agreement with UK-based electric drive specialist Equipmake. Sona Comstar will then manufacture and sell the technology in Southeast Asia.

Under the agreement, Equipmake will license its spoke motor and inverter technology in the power range of 100 kW to 440 kW to Sona Comstar to manufacture and sell powertrains, sub-systems and components for electric cars, buses, commercial vehicles and off-road vehicles.

Sona Comstar will lead the business development and customer sales in India, Thailand and select South Asian countries, while Equipmake will lead the sales in the rest of the world. The companies expect the serial production of the systems to commence in 2025.

Equipmake had first garnered our attention when it patented a spoke motor in 2018, before following up with an electric bus factory a year later. Since then, the company made headlines with a new electric drive and silicon-carbide converter. For its part, Sona Comstar is one of the largest manufacturers of EV traction motors in India and has sold more than 180,000 EV traction motors since starting production at its Chennai plant in November 2020.

Sat Mohan Gupta, CEO of Motor Business at Sona Comstar, said, “With Equipmake’s advanced technology and Sona Comstar’s manufacturing and sales capabilities, we aim to offer our customers high-performance, efficient, cost-effective electrified drivetrain solutions.” “We are excited to partner with Sona Comstar to deliver our technology to these significant markets including India,” added Ian Foley, CEO of Equipmake.,


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