Einride orders up to 50 electric trucks from DAF

The Swedish electric transport specialist Einride intends to order 50 electric trucks from the Dutch manufacturer DAF Trucks according to a memorandum of understanding. DAF says the first electric trucks have already been firmly ordered.

The vehicles on order are to be delivered later this year. Einride is going for the XD Electric “in a wide range of specifications”, which the company says it will use for various customers.

The vehicles will be equipped with three to five battery packs for ranges of up to 500 kilometres and will be delivered with DAF repair and maintenance packages. Maintenance will be carried out through DAF’s dealer network of over 1,100 European locations.

DAF presented the XD Electric at the IAA Transportation in Hanover last autumn. From this year onwards, the model – as well as the XF Electric, which was also unveiled in Hanover – has been assembled in a dedicated hall at the Eindhoven plant. In addition to the different battery packages (five packages with a total of 525 kWh for a range of 500 kilometres are the maximum configuration), the XD Electric will be offered with a quadruple range of different electric powertrains from Paccar so that DAF customers have a range of suitable electric trucks.

Einride has not yet revealed which companies will use DAF’s electric trucks. Already-known customers include Oatly, Lidl Sweden and Maersk, Electrolux, brewery AB InBev, PepsiCo and Rewe. For its electric truck fleets, Einride relies on different manufacturers – the company has so far ordered about 120 Mercedes eActros, 110 e-trucks from Scania and 200 vehicles from BYD. This list now includes 50 XD Electric from DAF – although, as mentioned, only some vehicles have been bindingly ordered.

Einride is a Swedish company striving to use driverless commercial vehicles. The electric vehicle service provider has already developed a corresponding concept vehicle called T-Pod. One of the company’s core products is the Saga software platform, which acts as an intelligent operating system for electric (and, in the future, autonomous) vehicle fleets, and charging and connectivity networks. That will enable companies to move goods more environmentally friendly and cost-effectively.

“Einride is committed to selecting leading truck manufacturers with the best technical performance in the industry. In DAF, we have found an excellent partner as we continue to expand our global fleet of electric vehicles”, says Robert Ziegler, General Manager Europe at Einride. “By leveraging DAF’s technological edge, combined with our own freight mobility solutions, we look forward to setting a new benchmark in efficient and sustainable transportation while meeting the evolving needs of our clients.”



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