Einride orders 110 electric trucks from Scania


Swedish technology company Einride has placed an order with Scania for 110 electric trucks. This is Scania’s largest order of electric heavy-duty trucks to date.

Scania has said the 110 electric trucks will be put into service by Einride across Europe later this year and in the first half of 2023. Scania’s BEV truck has an output of 230 kW and will be offered with battery capacities of 165 and 300 kWh for ranges of up to 250 km. Customers can also choose between L- and P-series cabs although Scania has not revealed which combination Einride has chosen, saying only that the 110 vehicles will be built “according to Einride’s hardware specifications”.

The trucks will of course be equipeed with Einride’s own software called Saga. This is designed to ensure that electric transport is “efficient and optimised”. Scania says it will be able to use the raw data collected from the Saga software to drive further joint product development.

“We share the same vision of decarbonising heavy transport. It has been rewarding to work with Einride on joint new technical solutions and digital services that will sustainably advance our industry”, says Fredrik Allard, Head of E-Mobility, Scania.

We are looking forward to the beginning of this vital partnership as we expand across Europe, ” says Ellen Kugelberg, Chief Product Officer, Einride. “These 110 trucks will make a substantial contribution to increasing our fleet, while we will continue to join forces with renowned industry players such as Scania to drive innovation and product development in the global transport industry,” she explained.

For its offering in Europe, Einride already ordered 120 eActros from Mercedes-Benz in December 2021. For use in North America, Einride ordered 200 units of the 8TT e-truck from BYD this February. In the United States just last week, Einride expanded its collaboration with the oat milk producer Oatly to include decarbonising Oatly’s fleet for operations in Utah and New Jersey next year.

Einride brought an autonomous electric truck into test operation with DB Schenker in 2019. Then in 2020, Einride introduced the next generation of its autonomous electric truck T-Pod, making it commercially available worldwide for the first time. Relying on a subscription model for the autonomous electric trucks, Einride’s initial customers include Lidl Sweden, Oatly, Bridgestone and Northvolt. Although it is clear that Scania aims to develop its trucks further with Einride’s Saga software, no mention was made of autonomous functions.



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