Renault introduces bidirectional charging with the Renault 5

The all-electric Renault 5 will be the first Renault vehicle equipped with a bidirectional charger. The associated V2G service will be available from the launch of the Renault 5 in France and Germany in 2024 and in the UK in 2025.

Renault is coordinating the introduction of bidirectional charging through its mobility brand Mobilize. In addition to the Renault 5, customers will need a V2G-capable charging station that can feed electricity back into the grid when needed.

Mobilize will promote its own “Mobilize Powerbox” charger for this purpose. The charger, developed by Software République with its technology partner IoTecha, communicates with the car and the cloud, the Renault brand says, “to determine whether it should recharge the battery or send power back to the grid depending on battery charging needs, domestic needs, and incentives from the energy market and power grid.” The power of the bidirectional terminal ranges from 7 to 22 kW.

The future Renault 5 is the first Renault vehicle to receive a V2X-enabled onboard charger in the French company’s portfolio. Other models are to follow subsequently. The onboard power management software is said to “enable constant access to the Mobilize V2G service while conserving battery power”. Furthermore, according to the Renault subsidiary, the bidirectional charger can not only feed electricity into the grid, but also operate electrical appliances (“vehicle-to-load function”). For this purpose, Renault is developing an adapter that connects to the vehicle’s charging socket and through which the same amount of energy flows as with a 230-volt socket.

To accompany the market launch of the Renault 5, the mobility brand is launching the so-called Mobilize V2G service, including a smartphone app that can be used to programme bidirectional charging. Criteria such as a desired battery level and/or the time at which the vehicle will next be used can be recorded there. According to Mobilize, the service will also be available for other Renault electric vehicles in the future.

The ‘Mobilize electricity contract’, which is provided by technology partner The Mobility House and which serves to market the energy fed into the grid, serves as the fourth component in addition to the bidirectional onboard charger installed on the vehicle, the V2G terminal and the service. “To make the most of the V2G service, Mobilize will offer a competitively priced carbon-neutral electricity contract through its technology partner The Mobility House. Thanks to the contract, electricity can be reinjected back into the home or sold back to the grid,” the Renault subsidiary specifies. The Mobility House has been a Renault Group partner since 2018.

“Thanks to Mobilize V2G, cars become an energy reserve. All drivers have to do is regularly connect their vehicle to the Powerbox to optimize their electricity bill and cut carbon from their mobility. On average, the cost of charging is cut by half. That is how Mobilize’s mobility solutions are more sustainable and affordable,” explained Corinne Frasson, Director of Energy Services at Mobilize.

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about „Renault introduces bidirectional charging with the Renault 5“
David Cochrane
04.10.2023 um 23:02
What fabulous news! We were excited at the launch of the Renault 5 electric, but having had a home energy survey today which considered a package that included solar panels, air source heat pump and a 5kW storage battery, the prospect of having a car with bidirectional charging is a game changer!! Well done Renault and partners! Can't wait.

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