CATL plans recycling sites in Europe and North America

CATL is planning several recycling sites for its electric car batteries in Europe and North America. As CATL Chief Manufacturing Officer Ni Jun Ni Jun explained, the company is already negotiating with a concrete partner for this in Europe. However, he did not reveal the name yet.

“We are finding global partners. For example, in the recycling business, we are talking to a European partner,” Ni Jun is quoted as saying in Chinese media. “I cannot reveal who, but we are looking at setting up recycling sites, not just one, but (many) sites in Europe.” CATL is also looking for recycling partners in North America.

At an event in Tianjin, CATL’s Chief Manufacturing Officer stated that the circular economy must be implemented locally – therefore, recycling is not planned centrally in China but on several continents. However, Ni did not indicate the time frame or scope of the battery giant’s recycling plans – or the media did not pick it up.

The EU Parliament only recently adopted new rules for, among other things, the recycling of all battery types sold in the EU. Germany and Hungary are potential locations for CATL battery recycling plants in Europe. CATL already operates a battery cell factory in Arnstadt in the German state of Thuringia. The company is planning a second European cell factory in Debrecen, Hungary. Of course, a plant at or near the European partner would also be conceivable.

CATL is already active in the battery recycling business in China. According to Ni, CATL’s technology can recover more than 99 per cent of the nickel, cobalt and manganese used in batteries, and the recycling rate for lithium is more than 90 per cent. However, details on the process used do not emerge from the reports.

Earlier this year, the Chinese battery manufacturer announced investments in constructing a large industrial park to recycle battery raw materials and further process new batteries in Foshan. In March, the CATL subsidiary Brunp also agreed to cooperate with Mercedes-Benz in China to recycle EV batteries.,


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