Updated Peugeot 208 to launch in autumn

Peugeot has revised its small car 208 and its electric version e-208. The new Peugeot e-208 will go on sale in November 2023. There is no change to the drive system, but there is a change in the production location.

As part of the update, the Peugeot 208 gets two new hybrid versions, while the drive system of the all-electric e-208 remains unchanged compared to its predecessor: The electric drive system with 115 kW output is combined with a 51 kWh battery (net, 54 kWh gross) for a WLTP range of 400 kilometres. Peugeot had already launched the new drive generation for e-208 in autumn 2022 – at that time, the 100 kW motor from Vitesco was changed to the 115 kW unit from Stellantis and Nidec and the battery was increased from 50 to 54 kWh thanks to new cells.

Without significant changes to the powertrain, the model update of the series (in contrast to the combustion engines and hybrids) is more of a visual nature for the e-208 and concerns bodywork and equipment. The most striking feature is the new front: although the large radiator grille in the centre remains, the design of the LED headlights and especially the light signature has been modernised: Previously, on the e-208, one LED strip extended from the headlights down into the bumper. Now there are three of them, Peugeot now refers to them as “light claws” – the three light strips have appeared in the design before and are meant to remind of the lion in the brand logo. In the revised 208 series, this element is now much more present. As the new light claws are also integrated into the glossy black air intakes and have been pushed further out than the previous solo light strip, they are intended to help make the car appear wider – although there is no change to the width of 1.75 metres itself. The car is 4.06 metres long and 1.43 metres high, with a boot capacity of 309 litres.

In the LED rear lights, the three red light claws are now arranged horizontally, as the Peugeot designers have already introduced in the e-308. In the GT version, not only the light claws, but also the reversing lights and turn signals are LED technology, in the other trims they are conventional lights. With the facelift, Peugeot also introduces two new body colours, Agueda Yellow and Selenium Grey. Inside, there are upgraded seat covers and a new design for the digital instrument cluster, among other things.

Production of the Peugeot e-208 will reportedly be transferred from the Trnava plant in Slovakia to Zaragoza in Spain. The Opel Corsa Electric, which is based on the same technology and has also received a facelift, is also manufactured there. Peugeot has not yet named the prices for the updated version of the e-208, but we do know that the current range costs between £31,595 and around £35,145 in the UK.



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