Nikola Motor ramps up sales over Q2 of 2023

Nikola has increased wholesale and retail sales in the second quarter of 2023. The company said retail sales of its BEV trucks doubled to 66 compared to the first quarter, while the wholesale figure rose to 45 from 31.

Nikola produced 33 BEV trucks in the second quarter, down from 63 trucks produced in the first quarter. Despite the sales and production figures being available, “Nikola has not completed its quarterly closing and review process or the preparation of its financial statements for the second quarter”, and as a result, the company will announce its financial results for the second quarter on Friday, August 4, 2023.

“It is not easy being a pioneer in the zero-emission Class 8 truck space, but we are witnessing a remarkable surge in momentum,” said Nikola CEO Michael Lohscheller. “We take great pride in our current achievements and the influx of orders coming in for our soon-to-be-produced hydrogen fuel cell electric truck. I believe there has not been a better time to be at Nikola as we move forward, together.”

Nikola also has been steadily gathering new orders over the second quarter of the year, and announced an order worth 50 trucks by BayoTech. In Germany, Bosch has started manufacturing fuel cell drives for Nikola and a few days ago, Iveco also presented an electric truck developed together with Nikola Motor for the European market, showing that the startup is slowly progressing into returns on its research and development investments.

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about „Nikola Motor ramps up sales over Q2 of 2023“
Feroz Nainar
30.07.2023 um 11:21
Thank you. Production decreased but sales increased? Will there be a earnings beat?

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