Nikola funded to build further H2 stations

In the USA, an additional 16.3 million dollars has been awarded to Nikola in California to support seven open-network hydrogen refuelling stations with its HYLA brand. The truckmaker has also revealed it has surpassed 200 sales orders for its fuel cell truck.

So far, HYLA refuelling stations have been planned along Californian freight corridors. The company has not yet revealed where the new seven stations will be. HYLA only states that aims to create an open network of commercial hydrogen refuelling stations initially in California and eventually throughout North America. Nikola’s infrastructure brand is also developing a fleet of hydrogen mobile stations to provide Hydrogen Flex Fueling (H2F2).

Nikola has now received a total of  58.2 million dollars in awards, which includes the recently announced $41.9 million for six hydrogen refuelling stations across Southern California. The additional awards build on the strategic partnership with Voltera to develop up to 50 HYLA stations throughout North America over the next five years.

Over to its vehicles, Nikola and its dealer network have now surpassed 200 sales orders for the Class 8 Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. The zero-emission truck maker says 202 sales orders for its fuel cell trucks represent 18 end customers. The company also manufactures purely battery electric trucks.

Michael Lohscheller, Nikola’s President and CEO, noted: “These sales orders reflect momentum in the industry, with businesses increasingly prioritizing zero-emissions alternatives to fulfil their environmental, social, and governance goals and responding to the incentives available.” Lohscheller continued, “This is only the beginning.” (refilling stations), (vehicle sales milestone)


about „Nikola funded to build further H2 stations“
04.08.2023 um 16:08
Gee they finally realized electric couldn’t be a feasible fuel/supplier for cars. Plus the carbon footprint for batteries is not what thus planet needs too. Plug power delivers fuel cell technology that produces electrical energy from hydrogen. There you have the solution . But we have to think Tesla id the only one that can do it.
04.08.2023 um 19:50
Hilarious. I'm sure Californians are SUPER excited seeing 16 million of their tax dollars going to a company spinning into bankruptcy that was knowingly fraudulent about their truck before. Hydrogen just CANNOT work at a physical level. Energy density and infrastructure isn't possible at the levels we need.

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