Danfoss has received its first three electric Volvo Trucks

Danish company Danfoss plans to put nine Volvo Trucks electric heavy-duty trucks into operation this year and has now taken delivery of the first three. The electric trucks will operate on fixed routes between Danfoss locations in Denmark.

Therefore, Danfoss has also developed a rather simple charging concept for the electric trucks: The batteries will be charged at each stop during loading and unloading with fast charging technology from the Danish company GodEnergi. The press release does not mention which model and which battery option Danfoss has chosen. However, a press photo shows a Volvo FM Electric in the red Danfoss livery.

One of the electric trucks will be in operation practically around the clock five days a week – and “without any significant charging downtime”, as Danfoss emphasises. With the regular charging processes, each of which is only about 15 minutes long, during the standing times in the depot for loading and unloading the cargo space, the vehicles can manage without long charging stops. But this is also due to the “relatively short distance”, so the short intermediate charges are sufficient. These are carried out with alternating current.

Longer overnight charging is only necessary at weekends, “when there is no business need for the truck to be operational”. Danfoss will then also use its own technology: The company supplies the AC onboard charger and power supply for all Volvo’s electric trucks through its Danfoss Editron division.

This unit, called OCEP, enables AC charging with up to 43 kW. This is an “important prerequisite for the electrification of trucks and buses as well as off-highway vehicles”. Because with the 43 kW, even the large batteries of heavy commercial vehicles can be fully charged overnight without having to invest in more expensive DC charging points. “This enables the quick deployment of EV trucks while minimizing the charging infrastructure costs for the end-users,” Danfoss wrote. The OCEP also acts as a 43 kW electric power take-off (ePTO) to power such equipment on off-highway vehicles such as excavators and wheel loaders.

Through its subsidiary Semikron Danfoss, a merged entity of Danfoss Silicon Power and the Semikron company, also supplies inverters to the Volvo Group – for electric buses and trucks, but also for construction equipment and maritime applications.



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