Spain: Zunder to build HPCs at Beroil petrol stations

In Spain, charging infrastructure operator Zunder and petrol station chain Beroil are joining forces to build new HPC chargers for electric cars. In the first phase of the cooperation, Zunder will build 80 ultra-fast charging points at 16 Beroil petrol stations.

Image: Zunder

The cooperation between Zunder and Beroil involves less than half of the petrol station operator’s locations. Beroil has a total of 35 petrol stations in ten autonomous regions of Spain, according to the Zunder announcement, making it one of the smaller petrol station chains in the country. With 80 HPC points, however, Beroil would have a good HPC quota.

But Zunder does not specify a timetable. With 80 HPC points at 16 petrol stations, there would be an average of five charging points per location. A rendering distributed by Zunder shows a High Power Charger with two charging points and one allocated parking space each.

“This strategic agreement between Zunder and Beroil demonstrates our continued commitment to building a high-quality charging infrastructure that supports the adoption of electric vehicles across the country,” says Daniel Pérez, CEO of Zunder.

Founded in 2017, Spanish charging infrastructure company Zunder had received a 100 million euro cash injection from French sustainability investor Mirova last autumn and plans to own and operate over 4,000 ultra-fast charging points in Southern Europe by 2025. In addition, more than 40,000 charging points are to be managed via the Zunder platform.

Cooperations between petrol station chains and HPC operators are not unusual in Spain. Energy provider Endesa, for example, works together with Cepsa and Gasexpress. Iberdrola has HPC at Avia petrol stations. Cepsa, in turn, is a partner of Ionity in Spain and Portugal. The Spanish oil company Repsol is expanding its charging network largely on its own.


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