Candela starts production of the C-8 electric hydrofoil

The Swedish electric boat manufacturer has kicked off production of the C-8 electric hydrofoil at its factory in Stockholm. The vessel will be equipped with batteries from EV manufacturer Polestar.

Image: Candela

The two companies announced their cooperation in August 2022. In January 2023, they published the first technical details, such as that the C-8 will use the 69 kWh battery pack from the Polestar 2. Polestar will also supply the DC charging technology for the boat and provide its research and development capabilities to integrate the technology and software into the ship’s application and transfer it from land to sea.

The C-8 is also available as a limited “Polestar Edition.” Its features include a solid light grey paint colour, specially designed seat upholstery, and hydrofoils painted in Swedish gold.

The C-8 has a range of 57 nautical miles, about 105.6 kilometres, at 22 knots (about 41 kph). The top speed is 27 knots, which translates to about 50 kph. And Candela says it is “the fastest-charging boat on the market,” as the battery can be recharged at a DC charger in just 35 minutes.

“Marine DC charging coupled with our hydrofoil technology’s long electric range will introduce new ways to explore on coastlines and archipelagos. Whereas cruising nautical miles in a day in a petrol-powered boat is challenging due to noise and slamming, it’s not only doable but very enjoyable in a C-8,” says Niklas Nordin, Chief Product Officer at Candela.

In September, Candela announced a new world record. The C-8 covered a distance of 420 nautical miles or 777 kilometres within 24 hours. After each lap, the Candela C-8 was given an intermediate DC charge, which took the State of Charge (SoC) from about 13 to 66 per cent in about 18 minutes.


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