Ford customers can use dynamic tariffs from Tibber from 2024

From spring 2024, Ford will be offering owners of a Mustang Mach-E or Explorer in Germany, the Netherlands and Norway the opportunity to use Tibber's dynamic tariffs at their home wallbox. In the UK, however, the partner is Octopus Energy.

“Whenever the supply of renewable energy is high and demand is low, the price per kilowatt hour falls on the electricity exchanges,” Ford recently stated in a press release. Tibber uses this effect dynamically and buys green electricity when it is cheap, and can accordingly shift the charging of the electric car to precisely these hours.

Owners of a Ford Mustang Mach-E or the new Explorer should be able to benefit from the Tibber offer from spring next year. According to the car manufacturer, it is very easy to use: as soon as the electric vehicle has connected to the wall box charging station at home, Tibber automatically receives information on the current State of Charge (SoC). Ford customers only need to enter the desired charge level and departure time via a smartphone app. Customers can be sure that their vehicle’s battery will then be charged “with tariffs designed to maximize cost savings and the use of renewable energy”.

“We’ve specifically chosen to work with energy providers that share our disruptor mindset and that customers can rely on to deliver leading rates for charging with renewable electricity, so that their EV will be ready to go when they are,” said Martin Sander, Managing Director Ford Model e Europe. “We are impressed with Ford’s ambitions and have a shared mission to empower consumers to use energy more smartly. To do so, consumers need the best tools available to take control of their energy consumption effectively, and our collaboration will offer consumers a seamless charging experience to the benefit of their wallet and the planet,” added Børge Dvergsdal, Head of Smart Charging at Tibber.

While the German press release only mentions Germany, the English press release also mentions the Netherlands and Norway, where Ford is also cooperating with Tibber. However, Ford also wants to create such an offer for its customers in the UK. The car manufacturer has selected the energy company Octopus Energy as its partner there.

Initially, the Ford Mustang Mach-E will benefit from the offer. As soon as deliveries of the Explorer start, this model will also support Dynamic Charging. But it will not stop at these two models. Ford wants to launch battery-electric vehicle models on the German market by 2025. Most models are currently eligible for dynamic charging: in addition to the Mustang Mach-E and the Explorer, this includes the new Puma, E-Tourneo Custom, E-Tourneo Courier, E-Transit, E-Transit Custom and the E-Transit Courier. However, the F-150 Lightning electric pickup will apparently not make it to Germany. It is currently available in Norway and Switzerland. While Ford lists this model in the English-language press release, there is no mention of it in the German version. (Netherlands, Norway, UK), (Germany)


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