Freightliner finds new client as Estes purchases 12 eCascadia

Estes, one of North America's largest private freight carriers, has added its first zero-emission truck to its nationwide fleet. The company opted for the Freightliner eCascadia. As a Class 8 truck, it may be the largest but not the first electric machine to join the Estes fleet.

Image: Daimler Truck

To start with, the first of twelve trucks has already arrived and will service some of the company’s West Coast operations through its terminal in Banning, California. 

The eCascadia, which Daimler builds through its US business Freightliner in Oregon, can travel about 230 miles (370 km) on a single charge, making them ideal for local delivery jobs, Estes said.

DTNA presented the fully electric semitrailer tractor in North America in 2022. The battery-electric Class 8 truck has three battery options: 194 kWh, 291 kWh and 438 kWh. The latter has the range quoted by Estes, meaning the company opted for the highest trim.

“It’s fair to say these EV trucks caught our drivers by surprise in how much they enjoyed operating them, all of whom noted how quiet, smooth, and agile they were,” said Michael Haynes, Banning terminal manager. 

Sara Graf, the company’s VP of sustainability, culture, and communications, added they were thrilled to begin including these ZEV trucks into the fleet and looked forward to “adding more, as availability and infrastructure allows”. She said, “This EV initiative is just one more way Estes focuses on sustainability and the environment.”

The logistics firm also has 300 electric forklifts, accounting for ten per cent of its forklift fleet, and two electric yard jockeys to relocate trailers within a terminal.

In other news, Estes and Dynamic Energy Solutions completed two rooftop solar installations at Lakewood and Pine Brook, New Jersey terminals. Estes says both PV installations offset nearly 100% of the facilities’ energy demands.

As for Freightliner, Estes joins a growing circle of US clients transitioning to zero-emission truck operations. Coca-Cola Bottling, DHL and Walmart are among the biggest customers.,


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