Cyprus introduces new e-mobility subsidy programme

The government of Cyprus is launching a new e-mobility funding programme on 17 February with a budget of 36.5 million euros, which will be financed via the EU's recovery and resilience mechanism.

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Among other things, the programme supports the procurement of new electric cars and plug-in hybrids in conjunction with the scrapping of old combustion engines. A fund of 9,000 euros is available for new electric cars, for example. Grants are also available for used cars. Taxis, minibuses, motorbikes, light vehicles and pedelecs are also subsidised.

The subsidies themselves break down according to vehicle type and intended use: privately owned vehicles will receive the lion’s share of the funding, with 1,228 subsidies of €7,500 set aside for the replacement of an old combustion vehicle with a “low CO2 vehicle”, which means it is allowed to emit up to 50g/km. For zero-emissions vehicles, 1,827 subsidies worth €9,000 will be provided. Second-hand vehicles are also included: “104 subsidies of €9,000 will be provided for a used zero-emission CO2 vehicle.” A maximum purchase price was also set at €80,000 for new low CO2 emission cars, while the limit for used battery-electric cars was set at €35,000.

Taxis will receive €12,000 for the withdrawal and replacement of a new low CO2 emission vehicle, however, only 30 subsidies will be provided in the nation under this deal. For another 60 recipients, subsidies of €9,000 will be provided for the purchase of an emissions-free vehicle.

Disability vehicle users and large families both receive the same deals: 30 subsidies of €15,000 will be provided for a new low-emission vehicle, while 60 subsidies of €20,000 will go to support the purchase of a new zero-emission vehicle.

For small cars, “such as L6e (sub-category B) and L7e (sub-category C) micro-cars,”, 65 subsidies of €4,000 will be provided for the purchase of a new zero-emission CO2 vehicle, while motorcycles will see 893 subsidies of €1,500 provided for an emissions-free motorcycle. For smaller two-wheelers, 933 subsidies of €500 are provided for a new electric bicycle, while “72 subsidies of €750 will be provided for withdrawal in exchange for free bus tickets worth €250 and (for use on buses) ALSO a lump sum of €500.”

The new subsidy programme was announced by Minister of Transport Alexis Vafiadis, who presented the initiation of the third electric vehicle subsidy scheme, which aims to reduce emissions and pollution.

An interesting aspect of the new subsidy programme is that it differentiates between natural and legal persons. Natural persons are limited to 1 application for a car, 1 application for a motorcycle, 1 application for an electric bicycle, and 1 application for free bus tickets, while a legal person is “entitled to 20 applications only for new vehicles (cars, micro-cars, and motorcycles)”. However, “the rules of minor importance support (de minimis) apply.” Applications will open on February 17th. (in Greek),,,


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